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Price Includes: Additional Drivers, Unlimited Kilometers, Road Map, 7/24 Road Assistance, Traffic Insurance, Full Covarage Car Insurance (CDV), Tire, Windcreen, Headight Insurance(LCF), Theft Protection (TP), Personal Accident Insurance(PAI) (within legal limit), 3rd Party Liability Insurance  (within the legal limit). For motorbikes, prices includes Additional Drivers, Unlimited Mileage, Road Map, 7/24 Road Assistance, and Traffic Insurance only, no other insurance.


Extra Fee: One-way fee, GPS-Navigation System,Car Baby Seat, KGS Highway Toll Pass are not included in the prices.


Driving Licence and Age:  The client must be at least 18 for A(motorbike) group vehicles;  at least 21 for B,C,D,E group vehichles and must have held a local or international driving licence for at least one year.


Renting Duration: Hourly or Daily Rentals upon request.1 day rental covers a 24 hour period; 1 month rental covers 30 days. Special prices can also be applied for periods of 14 days and over.


Delay in delivery: In case of delay, 1/3 of the applied fee will be charged for every extra hour. Delays over 3 hours will be counted as a whole day.


One-way Renting: In case of a vehicle being left/returned in another city, a One-Way fee will be applied.


Traffic Fines& Fuel Policy: During the rental period, the client is responsible for fuel expenses and  all kind of Traffic and Highway toll fines, such as speeding, parking. The period of any retention of the vehicles by the police will be added to the rental period. Vehicles are not provided  with full tank, and the client should return the vehicle at the same level  of fuel as was initally in the vehicle. There is no refund given for unused fuel. If the vehicle is returned with less petrol than given, a service fee will be charged.


Payment&Cancellation: 50% of the total payment is payable on booking and the rest of the payment will be collected at picked up time. All payments are to be made in cash. No deposit is taken. No refunds will be given for rentals ending early, for no-shows or for cancellations made after the rental start date. Cancellations made less than 48 hours  before starting date will be charged as 75% of total payment and for  48 hours or more, cancellations will be charged at 50% of total payment. It may be possible to postpone rental  for a period of up to 7 days, provided up at least 48 hours notice is given before the pick up date on the contract, subject to vehicle availability.


Insurance:  Insurance is void if the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, had exceeded the legal speed limits,  if no traffic police report of any incident is obtained,  or if  a damaged car and traffic police report  are not returned to the nearest ‘’GLOBAL Office’’within 24 hours. Insurance also does not cover the damage due to the misuse of the car and damage caused by gross negligence.  If the customer is entirely to blame for any damage caused, s/he is liable for the full period of time taken for repairs, calculated according to the daily rental rate.  (Insurance does not cover ) Antenna, damage to  the car lock, loss or damage to keys, wipers, mirrors, and car jack, hubcaps, damage to the upholstery of the car, extreme interior dirtiness, underside damage, damage due to negligence, tire punctures and burst tires, damage caused by using the wrong fuel, Cigarette burns, damage to car baby seats or navigation system. In order to allow the vehicle to be driven by persons other than the client,  Identification and Driver licence information of the additional drivers must be stated in the rental contract. Otherwise the insurance will be invalid and the client will be responsible for the all damage expenses.

If the car/cars are stolen, the car keys must be returned to nearest ‘’GLOBAL Office’’, otherwise the theft insurance is void,  and the customer may be responsible for paying rental fee up to the date the car/cars are recovered (where applicable). This is limited to a 30 day period. If the car/cars are not found at the end of this period, the client is not liable for further rental fees.



1-)Speed limit is 50 km/hour in cities, 90 km/hour out of town, and 120 km/hour on highways. On the roads with radars speed controls are frequently made,  so you are advised to keep to the speed limits, especially out of town.

2-)In case of a traffic accidents, don’t try to move the damage car, and immediately call our team, who will be able to correctly complete  the accident report forms. In some cases, a traffic police report and alcohol report must be obtained from the nearest police station or gendarmery.

3-)Always take the key with you  when you park your car in auto parks. If the car is stolen when you are not in possession of the key,  again you will not be covered by the insurance.  

4-)Parking receipts & Gas station receipts should be retained in the car as a proof, in case of mechanical problems. These often occur because the wrong type of fuel has been used.

5-)Regular periodic maintenance and checks are made on your car and this will provide you with problem-free travel. However,  in any case of any mechanical problems which could occur,  call our team first. If our road assistance could not fix it in a short time, we will supply you with a new car.